Elasticated Bed Sheets

The elasticated bed sheets are a special product group that is widely preferred due to its easy-to-use advantage. Depending on the usage area, the elasticated bed sheets produced in various sizes are demanded as single, double,

120x120 cm or as oversize. The wholesale demands for elasticated bedding products that are both time-saving and helping users stay organized are constantly increasing due to day-to-day widespread use. Ozsa Özeniş, one of the rare companies that never compromise on quality while meeting the increasing product needs due to the strong demands, is able to promise to make deliveries on time to you.


Why Elasticated Bed Sheets are preferred?

The most important property of any elasticated bed sheets is that they prevent your bed sheet from slipping by completely wrapping your mattress thanks to elastics. They give you great easiness that you don’t feel uncomfortable when lying down and also while you making your bed.

You can find any elasticated bed sheets in any colors and sizes. It is very important that the elasticated part of the elasticated sheet models is of a good quality. Combining the single color elasticated bed sheets with patterned pillowcases and your sleeping sets of various colors, will give a stylish look, as well as will provide convenience to you.

With its easy washability property, the elastics do not deform and promise trouble-free use every time. If you wish, you can also use the elasticated sheets under your satin sheets to prevent them from slipping. You can contact our company, manufacturing elasticated sheets, for your orders.

The All-purpose Comfort of Elasticated Bed Sheets

The most important and the most effective way to get rid of your day's fatigue is to go to bed. And the way to an efficient sleep passes through high quality sheets. The elasticated bed sheets, thanks to their property of not being easily deformed, do not cause any problems like disorder and slipping during sleep and thus shortens your time to sink into a deep sleep and help you to wake up to a new day with enough sleep.

In addition, they also help you save time in your housework as you will keep fit when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. Thus, housewives save their time, which is of a great importance for them, and focus their attention on other housework.

So that Ozsa Ozen-Is‘ elasticated sheets are made of high-quality fabric, the users do not encounter problems such as linting and fluffing. Our sheets are also made of cotton and antiperspirant fabrics taking air within. Our elasticated sheets which are suitable for frequent washing, definitely do not release their dye. You can use our bed sheets with a peaceful mind during the four seasons. Ozsa Ozen-Is, a pioneer among the elasticated bed sheet manufacturers, offers high quality and stock and wholesale of elasticated bed sheets.