It is very important that any hospital has hygienic conditions for both patient health and its staff health. Preferring comfortable and easy-to-use products is also beneficial to the patient's healing process. It is very important that these products, which are supplied from outside the hospital, are not harmful to the human health and can be used for a long time. The useful and high quality hospital textile products preferred for this purpose are listed as follows:

  • Hospital Bed Linens Sets: These products which are produced from 100% cotton, consist of bed linens, sheets and pillowcases. You can enjoy a comfortable sleep with these products which are produced as standard, suitable for every human being.
  • Hospital Sheets: This product, made of cotton, and which is desirable for all seasons and weather conditions, is suitable for every bed.
  • Hospital Under sheets: You can use these under-sheets (bed protectors) having liquid-proof properties in any circumstances. The surface of these covers, which are produced in any desired sizes, are coated with membranes and the sides are elasticated. These covers, produced with a liquid-proof, stain-proof properties, do not fluff and are washable.
  • Hospital Bed Piques: This product, which has antibacterial properties, is made of 100% cotton
  • Hospital Quilts: You will not feel cold when sleeping with these quilts, which are very light products.
  • Hospital Pillows: Silicone pillows are antiperspirant, does not smell and are washable.