Our country attracts a lot of visitors both in domestic tourism and in foreign tourism sector. As the number of incoming tourists increases, the number of HOTELS also increases. Depending on the increasing number of the HOTELS, the demand for the products used at the HOTELS is increasing every day and many new brands are launched on the market. Such products are generally wholesale products. However, the HOTEL textile products are treated in the most sensitive and careful way.

Supplying inferior quality products for the sake of cost reduction will come back to HOTEL management as customer complaints and a decrease in the number of customers. Consequently, you should not choose textile products which are under a certain level of quality.

The most important thing to pay attention to when buying HOTEL products should be buying quality products from only one place and to have a quality product bought with a more convenient price instead of buying any cheap products. The main products of the HOTEL textiles are bed linens, variety of towels, sheet products, under sheets, pillowcases, bathrobes and tablecloth sets. These must be definitely in a certain standard. Since these products are washed almost every day, they should be made of durable fabrics. For example, when choosing HOTEL towels, you should pay attention to the cotton ratio, the number of threads, the weaving ratio, look at their water absorption feature, the pilling condition must absolutely be checked. If the towels need to be coloured, you should use products of a type that will not damage the health. If the HOTEL wants to use its brand on the towels, that will look professionally.

Another basic product used as HOTEL textile products are the sheets. The issues to be considered with respect to bed sheets are that all of them should also be made of cotton, and their degree of whiteness, stitching and weaving properties must be of a certain standard for durability. Do not forget that the customers who will visit your HOTEL give priority also to comfort and cleanliness in the HOTELS. The quality and elaborative textile products that you will also use will return to you as more satisfied customers.