Our lockers are being produced specially for our customers with first class DKP soft sheet metal material. Our locker cabinets, which we usually produce as single-door, two-door, three-door, four-door and six-door, are being produced in different colours as well upon request. We would like you to know that our locker cabinets that we have been producing with the standard RAL 7035 grey colour code,  are more demanded from institutions and organizations.  Our staff lockers models, having the properties of being used for many years thanks to their durable structure, are being widely used in every institution and organization. Our locker group which can be used in collective work areas such as hotels, hospitals, construction sites, dormitories, hostels, schools, restaurants, factories, workplace, sports halls, is extremely durable and convenient. Our firm, having the belief that a successful work could be achieved only through the principle of a regular work, instantly attains solution by continuously keeping stock in order to meet the customers’ demands in the fastest way. It also will improve the life standards of the personnel with our products by stopping the narrow spaces of being a problem at the sheltering areas within the work places and thus will contribute to their regular and successful work. Our personnel’s metal and sheet steel lockers are quite suitable for institutions which want that especially places with narrow usage space gain width and space.

You can get the best prices in your piece purchases for our lockers which are produced with special sizes, with the assurance of the manufacturer.