The saddlebags are products that are a kind of storage containers that add convenience to our lives during the transition of seasons or in house transportation processes, which provide the opportunity to store our goods and clothes easily and are useful for saving space in our houses and which are made of interlining and the similar fabrics with zip.  They are products of different colours and sizes, produced to comfort our lives, inside of which we can easily put our quilts, pillows, sweaters, and also our socks, and they have colourful patterns in order to achieve a further stylish image. A zipper system that can be opened in two directions, can be easily carried thanks to its holding handle, it is machine washable and hygienic. We have been manufacturing and wholesaling our saddlebags, inside of which you can protect your goods against turning yellow and humidity thanks to their air-permeable features. You can examine our products of different sizes and choose the most suitable one for yourself and your loved ones and contact us for a wholesale purchase.